Fully comprehensive cover

Courtesy vehicle as standard

Fully self-service customer portal

24 hour emergency claims service

Whether you use your van for business purposes or family days out – no doubt you’re looking for an insurance policy you can rely on? Well, with our competitive prices and impressive features and benefits, we’re a great option for your van insurance!

One Protect compare (in association with Quotezone) is able to compare industry leading providers for you, eliminating the hassle of jumping from one website to another and in the process ensuring you get the best possible cover for your van, without breaking the bank.

One Protect offers a non-advised service to our consumer which means we cannot provide a recommendation, but we will provide you with enough information to be able to make an informed decision. We act as a comparison site at new business and will compare prices from our own panel of providers which offers a fair analysis of the market. If you’re unhappy with our competitive price, you’ll have the option to view quotes from alternative providers. If you unfortunately have any issues with the cover, you have purchased via Quote Zone please contact your chosen provider directly.

Tools in transit

Protect yourself in the event of damage or theft with our tools in transit cover – we’ll make sure you’re not left out of pocket and unable to work.

Protect your tools when they are being driven in your vehicle, during unloading and loading, and also if they are kept overnight in your van (subject to security requirements).

Our legal protection products

Excess Protector

Elevate your protection with our flexible Excess Protector, featuring a range of cover levels to shield you from unforeseen expenses, ensuring your agreed excess is preserved for road traffic accidents, home, pet, or travel insurance claims, and providing complete excess reimbursement in the unfortunate event of an accident with an uninsured driver, contingent on collecting the required information.


Experience peace of mind not he road with our comprehensive vehicle breakdown policy, offering multiple cover levels to suit your needs and ensuring you’re safeguarded against unexpected roadside emergencies.

Tools in Transit

Safeguard your valuable tools with our Tools in Transit Insurance Policies, offering a range of cover limits and comprehensive protection, ensuring coverage for damage or theft while your property is in or on your vehicle or during loading and unloading.