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Accidental Damage

Buildings & contents cover available

Alternative Accomodation

If faced with a hefty bill for damage to your house and contents resulting from a flood, fire or collapse; what would you do? In reality many of us simply wouldn’t stand a chance of scraping together the cash to pay for it. That’s why home insurance exists.

One Protect compare (in association with Quotezone) is able to compare industry leading providers for you, eliminating the hassle of jumping from one website to another and in the process ensuring you get the best possible cover for your home, without breaking the bank.

One Protect offers a non-advised service to our consumer which means we cannot provide a recommendation, but we will provide you with enough information to be able to make an informed decision. We act as a comparison site at new business and will compare prices from our own panel of providers which offers a fair analysis of the market. If you’re unhappy with our competitive price, you’ll have the option to view quotes from alternative providers. If you unfortunately have any issues with the cover, you have purchased via Quote Zone please contact your chosen provider directly.

Buildings insurance

Owning a property is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. So, buildings insurance covers for the cost of repairing the physical structure of the property and permanent fittings, such as floors, roofs, walls, kitchens or outbuildings.

Contents insurance

Are you a tenant who is renting a home? Or perhaps you own a leasehold property? If so, contents insurance offers cover for your personal possessions inside of the property, without protecting the building itself.

Buildings and contents combined

This level of cover combines buildings and contents insurance into one policy, providing cover for both the physical structure of the property and the personal possessions inside of it. This type of cover would suit those that own and live in a freehold property.

Our legal protection products

Home Legal

Introducing our Basic Home Legal Policy: Gain peace of mind with £25,000 in legal expenses, expert advice on personal injury accident recovery, and access to specialist solicitors for comprehensive support, extending guidance to family members residing in your home during the accident.

Gadget Cover

Get your gadgets covered in the event of smashed screens, liquid damage, theft, mechanical faults, accidental damage and loss! No need to list any items just purchase the amount you require, sit back and relax knowing you’re fully covered for your favourite tech.

Home Emergency

Enhance your home protection seamlessly with our Home Emergency service, designed as an extension to your One Protect Insurance policy, offering a range of cover levels to address potential threats to life or property, providing temporary measures to prevent ongoing damage, with One Protect Insurance paying up to the chosen cover limit for labour, advice, parts, and materials during the insurance period.

Excess Protector

Elevate your protection with our flexible Excess Protector, featuring a range of cover levels to shield you from unforeseen expenses, ensuring your agreed excess is preserved for road traffic accidents, home, pet, or travel insurance claims, and providing complete excess reimbursement in the unfortunate event of an accident with an uninsured driver, contingent on collecting the required information.